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ASR Service

Tune ups, repairs, maintenance, upgrades, accessory installs, software updates, troubleshooting, diagnostics, retrofits, electric conversion kits, outfitting, cleaning, de-greasing, wheel truing, etc.  We fix electric bikes!

The ASR team has decades of combined experience keeping everyone's eBikes running in tip top shape.

Our mechanics and technicians are highly skilled and hold several manufactures' training certificates. ASR has also invested in all the fancy eBike specific tools along with manufacture specific diagnostic equipment and software. 

Having a quiet, smooth rolling, tight handling, and easy shifting eBike can make all the difference on the quality and enjoyment of your ride.  And with our master mechanics eye for proper preventative maintenance, we'll do our best to ensure you keep riding on the trails rather than walking and pushing your bike back.

In our 10+ years of working on electric bikes, we have seen all kinds of issues come through our door.  This gives us a lot of insight into what can go wrong and how to quickly diagnose and repair issues to get you back out riding asap.

Keep in mind the supply chain disruptions have been significant the past 2 years.  Luckily we have lots of channels and dealer accounts for sourcing parts, but sometimes we do have to wait, or get extra creative.

ASR's standard shop labor rate is $72/hr.

Please feel free to call the shop to schedule a service or request a quote for repairs at 412-220-1900.  Unscheduled bike drop offs for service are accepted during business hours, although we prefer a heads up if possible.

If you don't have a way to get your bike to ASR, don't worry, we can help with that too.  Just let us know you need pick up and drop off service when you call.