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GAP and C&O Adventures

ASR has been outfitting and renting eBikes for GAP and C&O riders since 2017.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are excited to help you plan the ride and adventure of a lifetime!

We offer a variety of electric bikes to make riding the trail an absolute joy. With the simple touch of a button you can decide how easy or near effortless you'd like your pedal assisted strokes to be.  Our current 2022 fleet offering is listed below. 

Keep in mind our eBikes are booking up for the season quickly already (especially late summer/early fall), so be sure to make your reservation as soon as you know the logistics and dates for your trip.  If a bike or date you'd like isn't available, there is also the possibly of turning a brand new eBike from our sales showroom into a tour bike for an additional fee.  We plan to expand the fleet offerings as 2022 orders arrive as well. All eBikes are pedal assist only.  If a throttle bike is required due to a riding disability please contact us to accommodate.

Location: Bike pick and drop off are done from our ASR Tour Kiosk, located at 234 W. Station Square Drive at Bessemer Court in downtown Pittsburgh (next to the fountain behind Hard Rock Cafe).  The shop is conveniently located on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail (which is part of the GAP).  We are only 1.3 miles from the official "Point of Confluence" marker medallion in Point State Park at the fountain where your ride officially begins!  We also offer a bike shuttling service if needed, and work with other local transportation services for people shuttles and people&bike shuttles.

Adam at Tour Kiosk

Pricing: eBike rentals are based on a single price for either GAP (150miles) or GAP and C&O (335miles) rides rather than daily pricing.  This includes a bike that is outfitted for the adventure, along with our Easy Riding Policy.

Our Electric Bikes -

The Trusty Steeds: These are the trusted and true trail bikes that have made the ride a few times over the years.  They know the way as they've been there before.  They're maintained with new parts, and fresh tunes ups, to ensure a hassle free and enjoyable ride. 

These bikes all use the Shimano Steps motor and electronics systems, either the E6000 or E6001 with either frame mounted or rack mounted 400wh batteries.  They have 3 levels of pedal assist and are extremely efficient and get great range riding (25-60+miles). The Trusty Steeds have rigid forks.

Zelda Path

IZIP Path Step Thru (Medium) "Zelda" $2.3k, E6000 - $350 GAP / $450 GAP+C&O

Detour Hardy

Raleigh Detour Step Thru (Large) "Hardy" $2.3k, E6000 -$350 GAP / $450 GAP+C&O

Detour Peach

Raleigh Detour Step Thru (Small) "Peach" $2.4k, E6100 - $375 GAP / $475 GAP+C&O

Detour Palmer

Raleigh Detour Step Thru (Large) "Pauly" $2.4k, E6100- $375 GAP / $475 GAP+C&O 

The Beautiful Mares: The Mares are a little newer and a little nicer, and definitely know how to take you down the trail in style. They are all Bosch system bikes with the Active Line Plus motor system (except for Lore), and either 400wh or 500wh batteries with front suspension forks.

Medeo Red

Gazelle Medeo T9 Step Thru (Medium) "Ruby" $2.7k, 400wh - $450 GAP / $525 GAP+C&O

Gazelle Medeo T9 Step Thru (Large) "Ruby2" $2.7k, 400wh - $450 GAP / $525 GAP+C&O


Haibike Trekking 1.0

Haibike Trekking 1.0 Step Thru (Small) "Nunzio" $2.9k, 400wh - $450 GAP / $525 GAP+C&O

Haibike Trekking 1.0 Step Thru (Large) "Gunther" $2.9k, 400wh - $450 GAP / $525 GAP+C&O

Bulls Buttons

Bulls Cross E8 Wave (Small) "Buttons" $3.2k, 500wh - $475 GAP / $550 GAP+C&O

Bulls Cross E8 Wave (Medium) "Buster" $3.2k, 500wh - $475 GAP / $550 GAP+C&O

Bulls Cross E8 Wave (Medium) "Boots" $3.2k, 500wh - $475 GAP / $550 GAP+C&O

Bulls Twenty4 e

Bulls TWENTY4 E (Small) "Lil' Jimmy" $3.5k, 500wh - $475 GAP / $550 GAP+C&O

raleigh lore

Raleigh Lore (Medium) "Lore" $3.5k, 500wh, (28mph) - $475 GAP / $550 GAP+C&O

The Stallions: When you throw your leg up over (or gently ease into a step thru or wave frame) and saddle a Stallion, you'll get all the feels.  These are current top of the line bikes that will give you nicest riding experience.  They are equipped with Bosch motor systems consisting of Active Line Plus, Performance CX, and for the fastest cowboys and cowgirls; the performance speed (28mph). All are 500wh unless noted.

Pegasus Premio Wave

Pegasus Premio Sport Wave (Small) "Dolly" $3.8k, $500 GAP / $625 GAP+C&O

Pegasus Premio Step Thur

Pegasus Premio Sport Step Thru (Medium) "Dallas" $3.8k, $500 GAP / $625 GAP+C&O

Gazelle Ultimate T10

Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB Low Step Ivory (Medium) "Ollie" $4k, $525 GAP / $650 GAP+C&O

Ultimate T10 Red

Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB Low Step Red (Small) "Eli" $4k, $525 GAP / $650 GAP+C&O

Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB Low Step Red (Medium) "Joe" $4k, $525 GAP / $650 GAP+C&O


Gazelle Ultimate C380+ HMB High Step (Large) "Ace" $4.8k, $550 GAP / $650 GAP&C&O

Bulls Cross Lite Eve

Bulls Cross Lite Evo Wave (Small) "Rio" $4.9k, (625wh) $550 GAP / $675 GAP+C&O

Bulls Cross Lite Evo Wave (Medium) "Janeiro" $4.9k, (625wh) $550 GAP / $675 GAP+C&O

ulls Cross Lite Evo Wave (Medium) "Max" $4.9k, (625wh) $550 GAP / $675 GAP+C&O

Bulls Iconic EVO 1 Speed

Bulls Iconic EVO 1 Speed Diamond (Large) "Mojo" $5.2k, (625wh) $550 GAP / $675 GAP+C&O


Bulls Sentinel

Bulls Sentinel (Medium) "Jasper" $5.3k, $550 GAP / $675 GAP+C&O

The Pack Horse: "Brock" can carry quite a load, will turn a lot of heads, and let you bring just about anything along for the ride you'd like.  So grab the the kids, the dog, or even go full hero mode by carrying the camping equipment and cooler for your entire posse for the trip.  This brand new Urban Arrow Family Cargo line bike might look intimidating, but it rolls, turns, carves, and steers amazingly easy.  It's outfitted with two front facing and one rear facing child seat with belts, of which one can be removed if strictly a hauling machine.  The enviolio continuously variable transmission takes the thoughts out of traditional shifting and makes finding the perfect range quiet and easy.  Since this is a special breed, we also throw in (1) free extra Bosch 500wh power pack to help carry the load.  When planning your journey, consider the stable options along the way as well.  Brock is a highly sought after breed, and as such relies on a higher rate for all bookings.

Urban Arrow Family Cargo

Urban Arrow Family Cargo "Brock" $7k+, 1000wh - $800 GAP / $1,200 GAP+C&O

The Clydesdale Comfort: Want to lay back and lounge as you ride on an adjustable air cushioned seat, layered into a custom-made carbon fiber seat shell that is ergonomically designed for comfort and support, offering just the right amount of flex and rigidity. This chariot of a seat rides upon a full suspension chassis.  In addition to not having to worry about a sore behind no matter how far you ride, "Atlas" also keeps the balance for you by being on 3 wheels.  There's not looking for a place to dismount now, you can simply Whoa Atlas to a stop anywhere and you're already seated to enjoy the scenery and relax.  This top spec'd and top of the line Father and Son USA hand made and designed trike is as good as it gets around these parts, or maybe anywhere.  You'll have more fun electronic shifting the internal Rohloff E-14 speed internal hub than banging through gears in a Ferrari. And same as with Brock, we throw in a free extra 500wh pack with this rental, which also has a dual battery holder set up already, so you'll even see both battery %'s while riding and not have to manually swap the packs out.  This feels like a true bucket list bike.  I debated even offering it for rent, but think this might be the bike that gives the best rides of some peoples' lives.


Triot Bosch (Medium w/ adjustable seat positions) "Atlas" $10k+ 1000wh - $800 GAP / $1,200 GAP+C&O

Sizing: Although we list bikes as Small, Medium, and Large, we have a good idea of what bikes fit who, and there's lots of height ranges that work for each. We can also make adjustments for a better fit before you ride off.  We can discuss sizing during your booking consultation, and you're welcome to check out bikes in person first if you're local.

Outfitted for Adventure: You get all the things. Every bike comes standard with or is outfitted with: Rear rack with full panniers ($260), rack top bag ($100), pannier and rack top bag rain covers ($105), fender(s), mirror ($20), lights ($80), battery key, charger, and bike chain lock ($65).  Tool kit includes tire levers, spare tube, multi tool, air pump, chain lube, and a rag ($75).  Helmet ($50) included too please specify size (S, M, L).  Although a bit quirky to list the prices on these items, sometimes newer riders overlook the costs of being fully outfitted.  Knowing that your rental comes with ~$750+ in accessories is a nice value add to consider and one that ASR is happy to provide for our guests.

Panniers, Rack top bag, and panniers. Axiom

Battery Range: Many factors can effect range, but a good general ball park is a minimum of 20 miles per charge, and up to 60+ miles per charge.  On a Bosch active line plus motor with a 400wh battery, you could expect to get 20 miles in Turbo, 25m in Sport, 35m in Tour, and 60m in Eco.  A 500wh pack would add ~25% to those distances.  Keep in mind the bikes still pedal as a regular bike if you were to run your battery out, and you can usually find an outlet to top of during any lunch or drink stops in towns along the way to boost your daily riding range.  The batteries are removable by key and can charge on or off the bike. 

Battery Compatibility: When touring with a friend, consider renting bikes with the same battery (make and mount style).  This way if one of you needs more juice you have the ability to swap packs.  Also if you opt for our extra battery rental upgrade, you can share 1 extra battery.  Just remember you'd need to swap in the extra fresh pack on one bike when about ~50% SOC.  That way when the rider who runs their first pack out of juice, they can swap in the 50% pack to finish the days ride.  ~90% of our riders do the trip with only one pack, extra batteries are often for those trying for longer distances each day and don't want to risk an unassisted ride at all.

Extra Battery Rentals:

Bosch Power Packs (frame or rack): $59 GAP / $99 C&O 400wh  -  $69 GAP / $109 C&O 500wh


Shuttle Services (*rates for ASR customer bikes only):

Bike drop off or pick up at a Downtown Pittsburgh Hotel: +$25/bike

Bike drop off or pick up in Cumberland: $150 trip fee +$25/bike

Bike drop off or pick up in Washington D.C.: $350 trip fee + $25/bike

Customized Add Ons:

Let us know if you'd like to purchase or rent any other accessory upgrades for your ride like additional bags, specific saddle types, suspension seat posts (thudbuster/ Kinekt), ergonomic and/or bullhorn grips, cycling clothing/jackets etc.

Trail Consultation: There is a vast amount of knowledge and advice all over the internet from the thousands of riders who've enjoyed the GAP and C&O Trails.  However, sometimes there's nothing like hearing it first hand.  We offer up to 30minutes of free phone consultation prior to your ride for any other questions or concerns you might have before taking the trip.  All rentals come with a current season official TrailGuide book(s) for your group.  (please request how many you'd like)


Easy Riding Policy:  ASR strives to offer our riders a hassle free adventure.  Bike mechanical failures are extremely rare, but they are possible.  To put your mind at ease, ASR is on call (412-495-6374) during your ride to help with any issues.  We have great relationships with locals and bike shops in most towns to refer you for help with any unforeseen circumstances. If necessary, an ASR Team member will dispatch to the closest town or trail entrance to your location for any issue other than a flat tire (and if you can't change a flat likely a friendly trail rider would offer you help).  We will quickly repair your bike trailside, or swap you out for a new eBike if necessary to keep the GAP and C&O Adventure going!

Payment: A 50% deposit is required to book and reserve your bike by check or CC by phone.  There is a $100 cancellation fee per bike rental if you unfortunately can't attend your scheduled ride for any reason.  *Your cancellation fee may be used in full as a credit towards another bike trip rental for up to 1 year*

You are going to have an amazing trip and we thank you for choosing ASR to help you with the ride!

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